Abingdon Virginia Sticker Sheets

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This sticker pack comes with 2 sheets of Abingdon, VA-themed stickers. There are 19 stickers per sheet.  These stickers are best used on paper products: notebooks, scrapbooks, posters proclaiming why brass players are the best members of the band, etc...   Because these are paper stickers, we don't recommend you use them anywhere that could get wet or be exposed to the elements.

Size of sheet: 6.75" x 9.25"
Stickers vary in sizes
Two (2) sheets of stickers included.

The sticker sheet is available in either GLOSSY or MATTE.

GLOSSY stickers are shiny with vibrant colors, however, they have a more fragile surface and are easier to scratch.

MATTE stickers are more durable, but the colors are more subdued, especially the reds.