Shako Earrings

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These earrings are hand-made, so each one has its own unique personality. Because of this, each one is slightly different, adding to their charm. They are available in several colors,  but in very limited quantities. 

The shakos are made of polymer clay, a small feather and a star-shaped plastic crystal. Each shako is attached to a nickle-free alloy fish hook earring with a small piece of silver-tone chain and two glass beads.

Don't miss your opportunity to purchase these before they're all gone.  At this point, I do not have intentions to make more once they sell out.

The following colors are available while supplies last:

Burgundy with white feather
Burgundy with red feather
Red with red feather
Orange with orange feather
Yellow with yellow feather
Green with green feather
Royal blue with royal blue feather
Sky blue with powder blue feather
Purple with purple feather

Care should be taken when wearing and storing these earrings as they are somewhat delicate.