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 Store FAQs


What is the maximum number of game boxes I can order?
Due to the limited quantity of boxes available with the initial run of the game, we are limiting the number of boxes that can be purchased to 2 per person/order.  This limit may be removed if we find demand is not as high as we anticipate, or as we order additional games.

What is the maximum number of exclusive packs I can order?
Due to the limited quantity and exclusive nature of the exclusive packs, we are limiting the number of packs that can be purchased to 2 per person/order.

Where are you located?
Marching Band-imals LLC is located in Abingdon, VA.

Do you have a physical store location?
At this time, we do not have a physical storefront.

Would you be willing to sell merchandise at festivals/competitions?
That is our ultimate goal, but we have not yet ventured into the logistical planning involved in this kind of venture.  If you are a festival organizer and are interested in this kind of partnership, please reach out to us.


To which countries do you ship?
Currently, we are only setup to ship to addresses within the US and US territories.

What shipping options do you offer?
Currently we only offer shipping through the USPS through First Class mail.  Packages may take 4-5 days to arrive once the package is received by the US Postal Service.

What is your shipping lead time?
We require a 2-3 day lead time for the processing of orders and delivery of packages to the post office.

Do you offer tracking?
All of our packages are mailed with tracking through the USPS.  You can view your purchase information and see tracking of your package through the Shopify Shop app.  Downloaded the app from the App Store or Google Play.


How long will your stickers last?
Our stickers should hold up to general wear and tear for 3-5 years.  While our stickers are weatherproof, and most are dishwasher safe, excessive washing in the dishwasher or exposure to extreme weather may reduce the longevity of the stickers.

Where are your stickers made?
The stickers we sell are all custom-made in the USA by a leading sticker manufacturer.

Are your stickers printed on vinyl?
Yes.  Our stickers are all custom-printed on a premium vinyl substrate with a protective laminate finish.

Are your stickers weatherproof?
Yes!  Our stickers are designed to hold up to normal weather, whether it be wind, rain or sun.  However, extreme weather conditions may reduce the longevity of the sticker.

Are your stickers dishwasher safe?
All of our stickers except those with a holographic finish should hold up to the occasional run through the dishwasher.  However, to ensure the longevity of your stickers, we recommend hand-washing.


Do you have a sizing guide?
We do not have our own sizing guide.  However, we usually print all of our shirts on the Gildan Men's Ultra Cotton tee.  You can view the sizing guide for this shirt on the manufacturer's website: here (opens a new tab)

Do you stock kids' or women's sized shirts?
At the current time, we print all our shirts on mens/unisex style shirts.

Game FAQs

Marching Band(-imals) Game

How does the "No U" card work?
The "No U" card can be played at any time to reverse the effects of a Quick Penalty card (card will say "Quick Penalty" in the upper left corner).  The only Quick Penalty card that "No U" can not be played against is another "No U" card.  When a "No U" card is played, it redirects the effects of a Quick Penalty card to only effect the person who played the card.  For example, Player 1 plays a "Chipped Reed" card to penalize Player 2.  Player 2, plays a "No U" card.  The effects of the "Chipped Reed" card no longer effect Player 2, but reverse back onto Player 1, who must take the penalty applied from the card.  In the situation that a Quick Penalty card affects multiple people, a single "No U" card played by any player will make all players except the person who played the penalty immune to the penalty's effects.  In this situation, the person who played the card only takes the card effects one time.

Do I have to have both instruments/equipment and band member cards in my band?
Yes.  A band is not complete without both Members and Equipment to match.  A full band consists of 5 Member cards and 5 corresponding Equipment cards.

Do the colored borders around the cards mean anything?
Absolutely!  The colored borders indicate the type of card. 

  • Penalty cards have a red border.
  • Bonus cards have a bright green border
  • Brass section Player and Equipment cards have a blue border
  • Color Guard section Player and Equipment cards have a pink border
  • Drumline section Player and Equipment cards have a purple border
  • Front Ensemble section Player and Equipment cards have a yellow border
  • Woodwind section Player and Equipment cards have a dark green border
  • Drum Major cards have a golden border

Can I have more than 1 of the same Band Member in my band?  What about equipment?
You can have up to 2 of the same section Member cards in your band.  (2 Front Ensemble Members, 2 Brass Members, etc...)  They can be the same animal or different animals.  However, the piece of equipment assigned to each Member must be unique.  For example, you could have the 2 Brass instruments, trumpet and sousaphone.  But you could not have 2 trumpets.

Can I play a Member to my band if I do not have the matching Equipment card to go with it?
Yes.  As long as there are free spaces in your band, you can play a Member or a piece of Equipment even if you don't yet have the corresponding card to go with it.  However, you cannot win the game without both the Member and the matching Equipment card.

Can I play more than 5 Members or Equipment cards to my band?
No.  You can only have 5 slots occupied by Band cards.

How do I remove a band Member or Equipment card from my band?
During your turn, you can use the 3 plays to your band to either add or remove cards from your band.  If you play 2 cards to your band and remove 1, that counts for all 3 of your plays to your band.


Are there more detailed instructions available?
Yes, there are downloadable instructions available both in the Downloads section of our shop and in the Downloads section of our base website  www.marchingbandimals.com

Do you have any play-through videos?
Yes, we do have a play-through video available on our YouTube channel.  It is a bit long, but it walks you through a basic play-through of the game. View it here


Is there a downloadable playmat?
Yes, the playmat is available from the Downloads section of both our show and our base website: www.marchingbandimals.com

What size paper do I need to print the playmat?
The playmat requires Legal sized paper for proper print (8.5" x 14").

Can I get a more durable copy of the playmat?
We currently do not have plans to offer a physical playmat for sale.  However, if you print the downloadable version, you can have it laminated for relatively cheap at your local print shop or office supply store.  Lamination should run somewhere around $2.50 - $3.00 at most big-box office supply stores. And you can often find coupons to get a discount.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.