Marching Band(-imals) Minecraft Skins (Free Download)

Bored of Steve and Alex?  Now you can dress up your Minecraft characters in these Marching Band(-imals) skins.  There are 5 designs to choose from:

Black CowOcelot



Before you scroll down and download these files, my legal advisor says you need to read this DISCLAIMER. If you do not agree to the DISCLAIMER, do not download these files.


DISCLAIMER (Read before downloading)

By downloading these skins, you release Marching Band-imals, LLC from all liability relating to damages to that may occur in the process of downloading, installing, or using these skin files in any way. By downloading files on this page, you agree to hold Marching Band-imals, LLC harmless from any liability, including financial responsibility for damages incurred, regardless of whether damages were caused by negligence.

By downloading these files, you also acknowledge the risks of downloading files from the internet, regardless of the credibility of the source. These risks include, but are not limited to, viruses, malware, loss or corruption of files and software, and potential damages to your devices. I acknowledge that I have read this disclaimer and the risks have been made clear.

I also agree that by downloading these files I will not distribute or use these files in a way that is either financially detrimental to Marching Band-imals LLC or financially beneficial to me. These skins may only be used for personal use unless I obtain explicit, written consent from Marching Band-imals, LLC stating otherwise.

By downloading these files, I forfeit all right to bring a suit against Marching Band-imals,LLC for any reason. In return, I will be allowed to download and use these Minecraft skins for personal use.

Instructions for Download

  1. --Right click on the icon or name below for the skin you want to download.
  2. --From the pop-up menu, select "Save Image as..." or "Save Link as...".
  3. --Navigate to the folder where you want to save the skin and click "Save"

Note, do not resize the image or modify it, the images are formatted in a way that Minecraft will know how to read it and apply it to your character.

Skin files:








Instructions for Using Skin in Minecraft

These instructions were written off the Windows installations of Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition that I have installed on my personal machine. Your installation instructions could possibly differ if you are using a different release or different hardware than I am.

  1. --Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Windows Edition)
  2. --On the Title Screen, click the "Dressing Room" icon under your character.
  3. --In the left hand navigation bar, click the hamburger menu icon (3 vertical bars).
  4. --Click "Classic Skins"
  5. --Click on the blank character under the "Owned Skins". Then click the "Choose New Skin" button in the right hand panel.
  6. --Browse to the location where you stored the skin and click open it.
  7. --Click the model left model when the software asks which to use.


  1. --Open your Minecraft Java Edition Launcher
  2. --In the top menu on the Title screen, click "Skins".
  3. --Click the "New Skin" icon.
  4. --Under the "Player Model" section, click the "Slim" radio button.
  5. --Click the Browse button and navigate to the location where you saved the skin and choose it.
  6. --Give the skin a name.
  7. --Click the "Save & Use" button.