Competitions & Themes Booster Pack

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This pack will change the way you play Marching Band(-imals).

Add some physical and mental challenges to your game of Marching Band(-imals).  The Competitions & Themes Booster Pack contains 23 new game cards. 

Band Halt cards (6 per pack) are shuffled into the base game draw pile and are used to initiate a Competitions & Themes card.

Competition cards (10 per pack) initiate mini-competitions between some or all opponents.  The winner of the competition is rewarded.

Theme cards (7 per pack) initiate a theme (like 80s Hair Bands or Pirates) for a round of play.  Everyone who stays in character, according to the theme, is rewarded at the end of the round.

The deck also comes with 1 instruction card and one blank card to write your own Theme or Competition card. 

General Deck Instructions: Set the Competitions & Themes cards in a separate draw pile and shuffle the Band Halt cards into your game draw pile.  A Band Halt card can be played once per round, at the end of a player's turn.  When it is played, game play halts while a Competitions & Themes card is played.  A more detailed set of instructions is available for download from our website or our Downloads section of our shop.

Pack includes
23 Game cards
1 Instruction card
1 Blank card
all packaged in a small, tuck box.

Requires the Marching Band(-imals) base game to play.

Adds 10-25 minutes of play time to the base game.

Ages 13+