Marching Band(-imals) Card Game

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Be the first of your friends to build a better band with Marching Band(-imals).  Compete against your friends, family or fellow band nerds to build a band of 5 instruments and members.  Disrupt your opponents' ability to build their band by playing Bonus and Penalty cards. Then be the first to grab a Drum Major card and hold on to it for a full round to win the game!

Ages 13+
2-6 Players
25-45 minutes playtime

Each game includes:

175 Game cards:
50 Player cards
50 Instrument/Equipment cards
6 Drum Major cards
36 Bonus cards
31 Penalty cards
2 Blank cards

1 Z-Fold instruction sheet

1 Glossy, rigid box

More detailed instructions and printable playmats are available for download from our website.