Bard Mouse Magnetic Book Clips

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This mousy friend and his musical accouterments will help you keep your place in your favorite book.  Each pack comes with a set of 4 magnetic book clips, each in a different design.  Use the large, arrow clip to mark the exact line where you left off, or use any of the other three clips to mark your page, or an important place where you want to return.

Book Clips included:
Mouse Bard Arrow Clip x 1
Dandelion Potion Vase Clip x 1
Lute Clip x 1
Talent Recognizes Talent Clip x 1

Number of clips: 4
Clip materials: vinyl coated card stock with two small magnets
Magnet strength: Magnets will hold through 3-4 average book pages.
Designed, printed and assembled in the USA by Marching Band-imals LLC